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success stories

Blue Mongoose was instrumental in helping us get our product to market and raising our first VC round.

From day 1 they demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs, providing guidance throughout the scoping, prototyping and development phases.

We are excited about the possibilities ahead and look forward to continuing our partnership as our product develops.

Richard Hannaford
Dealer Doc

Blue Mongoose adds tremendous value across the DQ Ventures portfolio.

As our official tech partner, they not only develop high quality MVPs, but also really get under the skin of our founders’ ideas.

So far they’ve provided guidance on everything from concept and user interviews through to when and how to transition from first prototype to scale.

James Green
DQ Ventures

Blue Mongoose was a great partner for us, from the initial designs through to the build and launch of our platform.

They were a valuable sounding board for feature prioritisation, and developed custom functionality to connect the platform to our existing 3rd party tools

Michell Hogeveen
Market Connect

If you are interested in launching a new idea, we’d love to have a chat.

Partners from idea to launch
1 Week
Complimentary consultation, high level written proposal,
We learn about you, you learn about us. The goal of this initial step is to explain what we do best, understand if we’re the right partner for you, and align expectations.

We’ll discuss the problem you’re trying to solve, your goals, budget and timeline.

You’ll get an honest assessment of whether Blue Mongoose and our tech stack is a good fit, and what you can expect from working with us. Even if it looks like we’re not the best option, we’ll do our best to help anyway we can.

Following the call we’ll provide a high level written proposal: expected budget, timeline, the key features and all the steps to get your product to market.
1 Week
Detailed requirements, refined budget, timeline and sprint plan
We’ll work together to build a robust scoping document that captures the UI/UX, features and tech stack for your product. We’re on hand to help you focus on the critical features, helping you to get the best product to market within your timeline and budget.   We can advise on the cost and timeline for additional features so you can plan your roadmap accordingly.

At the end of the scoping process, we’ll provide you with a finalised set of requirements, our recommended tech stack, sprint plan and a refined cost and timeline.

You’ll have a good understanding of how your product will look when its launched.
2-3 weeks
Detailed requirements, refined budget, timeline and sprint plan
Your designers get to work, turning the written requirements into high fidelity, clickable prototypes that feel like the right thing. Within 2-3 weeks, you’ll be demoing to your clients, users and investors.

This is a critical time to gather feedback from your stakeholders, we’ll guide you through this process and help you interpret any insights.

Your vision for the product might change through the prototyping phase as you receive feedback and see your users in action. This is normal! We’ll support along the way, and advise if any changes need to be made to the scope.
2-3 weeks
Fully functioning app
With your requirements firmed up, your dedicated development team starts building.

We release new features every week, and run you through the progress in a weekly meeting so you can see the progress first hand.

We’ll set up a dedicated project hub so you can visualise the milestones, and enable efficient asynchronous communication.

In addition to the features in your requirements, we’ll embed analytics, feedback & user engagement tools so you can monitor behaviour and react to feedback from day one.
Project specific
The support you need!
All of our products come with a 30-day period to ensure that the product is built to the agreed specifications.

But prepare yourself: no product was right the first time. We provide fractional product services to help you develop a user-centric roadmap, leveraging the latest technologies that your users will love.

On the development and design side, we can build one-off features or provide you with a dedicated team to help you go faster. We'll help you integrate the product into your existing tools, automating as many manual processes as possible.

If your product takes off and you outgrow your no-code platform, we can help manage that transition as well.






1 - 2 WEEKS
We’re off!

  • We’ll work together to distill the essence of your idea into the essential features, without the unnecessary frills and cost
  • You’ll receive detailed, design-ready requirements, our recommended no-code tech stack, a quote and a timeline
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Design & Validate

2 - 3 WEEKS
Your idea is coming to life…

  • You’ll receive clickable, high fidelity prototypes that you can run through with your clients and users
  • We’ll guide you through gathering critical user feedback to validate assumptions, collect signs ups and refine the development scope
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Build & Learn

5 - 6 WEEKS
We’re getting closer…

  • We’ll turn your design prototypes into an easy-to-iterate product in weeks
  • You’ll want to monitor user behaviour and react to feedback from day one, so we’ll embed analytics, feedback & engagement tools from the outset.
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Launch & Grow

It’s here!

  • But prepare yourself: no product was right first time. Ever. We’ll work with you and your users to get it there.
  • If your product takes off and you outgrow your no-code platform, we can help manage that transition as well
  • We'll integrate your product into your existing tools, automating as many manual processes as possible
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Out-of-scope value add
Ex-VCs, startup founders, business owners… We have a diverse team! We use this experience to help guide you to success and give you an edge, even if isn’t strictly in the scope.
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